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First Corporate Secretaries
offers outsourced transcription and typing solutions to attorneys, HR practitioners, universities, research institutions, businesses, private investigators and individuals. Our transcription services are tailor made to your specific requirements. We do not just transcribe the audio supplied to us; we ensure that your specific recording is converted into an accurate account of your discussions which you can completely rely on.

Our team of transcribers is made up of experienced secretaries, based in South Africa, who possess an exceptional command of the English language and are drawn from the legal, business, medical and secretarial fields. Before we hire secretaries, they are subjected to stringent competency, accuracy and reliability tests and all of them are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, so you need not worry about the confidentiality of your work. As part of our secretaries’ induction they are also brought up to speed with the requirements of the Protection of Personal information Act. We are also more than happy to sign undertakings confirming that your information is kept strictly confidential whilst it’s in our possession.

Through our deployed software, Winscribe you can easily upload your audio and video files from anywhere in the world via our website in 256 bit encrypted format for additional security from your laptop, desktop or smartphone.

With our services being accessible from any corner of the world you can therefore take advantage of the favourable exchange rate to access our high quality services at extremely low rates.  

You can send digital transcriptions to us by either uploading them online by clicking here or you can send the file to us via dropbox. We provide all our transcripts by return email return in Microsoft Word format, on request we can return transcriptions on CD.

Once we receive the audio / video files, and all formalities have been complied with, we then send them through to our transcribers, who then return the completed transcriptions to us as and when they are completed. We normally assign the work as soon as we receive it, which means that you can start receiving work back within a few hours of sending it to us. If we have particular difficulties with the quality of recordings, another transcriber will immediately be put on standby to take receipt of part of the recording to ensure we have enough time to complete the assignment. Our transcribers do not work over weekends but arrangements can be made if this is required in order to meet your deadlines.

If you would like to discuss your transcription projects confidentially, please give us a call today.


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