About Us

The Company

Our company philosophy is based on three pillars

We believe in employing the best technology as an enabler for our people to deliver the best solutions to clients.

We are passionate about what we do therefore we strive to exceed our clients expectations by delivering on time, quality and value adding services and first class recording products and solutions.

We believe in combining the best of technology with the best talent around to meet our clients needs.

In terms of the B BB EE Act, our company has been rated a Level 3 Contributor by Empower Logic. It is our goal to improve this to a level one by 2015.



Our Clients are in a wide range of industries namely:

  • Large to small business organisations
  • Law Firms
  • HR Practitioners
  • Media Houses
  • Medical Professionals
  • Academic Institutions
  • Students – undergrads to Post Grad students

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