Why First Corporate Secretaries?

Why First Corporate Secretaries?

Why should you appoint First Corporate Secretaries as your Company Secretary:


As the company secretarial requirements of a company often fluctuate throughout the year, generally around the AGM, annual reporting periods and with board meetings, using our company secretarial services provides you with true flexibility in that our support can be tailored to meet the needs and timing of your company. So you have the right resource when you need it and only when you need it. This will therefore save you costs.



Our chartered secretaries have a wide range of experience of working with JSE listed companies, Altx listed companies, private companies, state owned companies and non-profit companies. This depth and breadth of experience means that they will be up to speed incredibly quickly ready to support you.


Industry Expertise

We have an specialist team that is up-to-date with industry knowledge, which will ensure that you are following best practice. This means that they are immediately able to add value and experience to your existing systems.



Our team of chartered secretaries are available to you immediately, this means that you do not have to deal with the hassles of short listing and screening candidates, notice periods or recruitment fees to pay, This will save you time and money.


Back-up Support

In the event that your requirements are greater than any individual consultant can provide, you can rest assured that our legal and accountancy experts back at camp are always on call to render support.