Philips Meeting Recording Kits

Philips Meetng and conference recording kits

In meetings, there is often a lot of speaking but little said. Our digital meeting recorders capture everything and make it easy for you to filter out the really impor tant passages. The recorders include unique boundary layer microphones that use the sound pressure of the table to provide excellent sound and recording quality.


DVT8000 - 360° meeting recording

The Voice Tracer meeting recorder 8000 captures every meeting in excellent and noise-free audio quality. Just place the 360° meeting microphones on the table, push record on the remote control, and capture all voices from every angle!

‐ 4GB, 44 days recording
‐ 360° recording for best results
‐ Large colour display for clear recording status information
‐ Motion sensor for automatic microphone sensitivity adjustment
‐ Prerecording function
‐ Wireless remote control included
‐ Rechargeable li‐polymer battery
‐ Convenient wire storage
‐ MP3 recording

R 3 470 ex VAT


DPM8900 - Conference Recording Kit

Designed to capture your meetings, the Pocket Memo meeting recorder provides excellent sound quality combined with easy-to-use technology. The extendibility of components lets the system grow with the needs of your business.

- Easy to use out-of-the-box solution
- Quick set-up
- Professional two-channel recording
- Exceptional sound quality
- Records in PCM (Audio-CD quality), MP3, DSS Pro, DSS
- SpeechExec workflow software for fast document creation
- Elegant metal carrying case for portability

R 13 995 ex VAT