Why Transcribe?

Why should I transcribe

Why should I transcribe?

  • Part time students will not have the time to do research, transcribe, look after their families and still go to work – Why not let the experts, First Corporate Secretaries ease this burden for you.

  • Not many people are experts at typing let alone transcribing, doing it yourself is a time-consuming task. Let First Corporate Secretaries assist you by delivering accurate documents within a relatively short space of time.

  • Transcribing requires proper equipment and technology in order to do it properly, acquiring such equipment is very costly and needs training to be able use it efficiently. We have the proper resources to transcribe so let First Corporate Secretaries help you.

  • Some company documents are confidential so to maintain their secrecy, let First Corporate Secretaries type these top secret documents for you.

  • You may think that it may be easier using transcription software but consider that when you have multiple speakers the software won't recognise all the voices and you still have to train the software to recognise your own voice. So let First Corporate Secretaries do the transcripts for you.

  • Transcribing allows you to easily review, analyse the recordings for your research or sharing the document with others.

  • Voice recognition software only works with a single voice and through dictation. You must speak slowly and spend time training the system. You also have to correct the errors that the program makes and also know proper grammar, spelling and formatting. Automatic conversion of audio recording to text is still science fiction. First Corporate Secretaries will take care of all of this for you.

  • A hasty switch to any immature technology only serves to increase costs to the company or individuals investing in it and lowers the quality of the work produced.

  • Several companies and professionals have tried the new software available only to come back to professional transcribers. So stick to what has been tried and tested.

  • Audio files in general are not accessible for people with hearing impairment. Having a text transcript of the recorded content will enable this group to access and understand the information contained in the audio file.

  • Persons with cognitive disabilities prefer to read content instead of listening to it. Ensuring that your audio content has an equivalent text transcript helps them access the information they would otherwise overlook.

  • When your internet is down having a text transcript comes in handy.

  • Downloading audio content is more expensive than downloading a text transcript.

If you are still wondering as to why you need transcription services for your business, click here to read more. Considering the benefits they extend and the millions they bring about in cost savings, improving a company's bottom line, transcription outsourcing has today become an inseparable component of an organization's corporate strategy. The key lies in choosing the very best in the industry, to outsource these services to thereby ensuring a seamless transcription experience. First Corporate Secretaries guarantees that you will be satisfied with their services.

Why choose First Corporate Secretaries to do your transcription?

With First Corporate Secretaries, you'll get :

  • Accurately transcribed audio material in your preferred format.

  • A reliable service with guaranteed turnaround time.

  • A cost effective solution.

  • Secure software to upload recordings and download complete transcripts and expert transcription services backed up by appropriate resources.

  • Peace of mind when dealing with a crisis caused by absenteeism. We can fill in that gap by transcribing for you during that time.

  • An efficient way of handling an unexpected large volume of workflow when your staff cannot cope, as we will step in and handle that work overload for you.

  • Increased productivity as our technology allows us to monitor our typists’ productivity – Go slows are a thing of the past in our environment.

  • Reduced capital investments, expenses and overheads, resulting in significant savings and increased profitability, when you outsource your transcription services to First Corporate Secretaries.

  • Your transcribed work in the best layouts or your own unique formats if so required.

  • Better quality and results because we are proficient in this area.

  • Freedom to focus on your core business activities when you outsource your transcription services to us.

  • Additional manpower and resources freed up which you can re-deploy to other more profitable activities.

  • 24 x7 x 365 customer care support and rapid turnaround times.

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