Quick Turnaround Times

Valued Proposition - Quick Turnaround Times

We always ensure that we meet your expected and agreed deadlines. This is also done without any compromise on quality. So our turnaround times vary according to your specific needs. Should we be required to work over weekends or holidays in order to meet your deadlines we will ensure that this is done.

In the process of doing this we also take care not to compromise on the quality of the transcripts by ensuring that our transcribers continue to maintain careful listening of the audio files, use of  correct grammar, word recognition and lastly ensuring that the intention of the speakers always come through correctly. 

Time zone differentials enable, us to deliver work for most of our overseas clients on time and in most instances ahead of deadlines. You can take advantage of this if you are based overseas and you have tight deadlines to meet. You do not need to worry about quality as South Africa is an English speaking country. Our internet connectivity and telecommunications services are of world class standards.

Our transcription software gives us the necessary tools to monitor the productivity of all our transcribers online and this we do on an ongoing basis. Where there are challenges corrective action is quickly made.  There are therefore no go-slows (intentional delays) in our work environment. Our remuneration systems are structured in such a way that high productivity and quality work are highly rewarded.

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